Quick Quiz - Gospel characters

Do you know who appears where?

There are many people mentioned in the Bible, but some only appear in one Gospel (but may appear in Acts or an Epistle...). Some are implied but only named in one place (so be careful).
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4.The MagiMatthewMarkLukeJohn
5.The ShepherdsMatthewMarkLukeJohn
6.The widow of NainMatthewMarkLukeJohn
8.Lazarus the beggar (in a parable)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
9.Lazarus the brother of Mary and MarthaMatthewMarkLukeJohn
10.The woman at the wellMatthewMarkLukeJohn
11.Malchus (the High Priest's slave)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
12.The wise and foolish virgins (parable)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
13.The steward of the feast (the wedding in Cana)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
15.Simeon (who said the Nunc Dimitus)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
16.The good Samaritan (parable)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
17.The prodigal son (parable)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
18.Nathanael (one of the 12)MatthewMarkLukeJohn
19.Pilate's wifeMatthewMarkLukeJohn
20.Joanna (one of the first at the empty tomb)MatthewMarkLukeJohn