Quick Quiz - Numbers in the Bible

Do you know how many of these there are?

There are many numbers mentioned in the Bible (you can write your own joke about there being a whole book of them). Do you know how many there were of various things/people, though?
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1.Number of days in a week you may work56710123060
2.Gaunt cows that came out of the Nile and ate the fat cows that had preceded them56710123060
3.Husbands of the woman at the well56710123060
4.Tribes of Israel56710123060
5.Churches in the province of Asia (Revelation 1)56710123060
6.Silver coins that the woman who lost one had56710123060
7.Rams, male goats and male lambs for peace offerings at the opening of the Tabernacle56710123060
8.Pillars in the Court of the Tabernacle56710123060
9.Isaac's age when Rebekah gave birth to Esau and Jacob56710123060
10.Days between Noah sending the dove from the ark and doing it again56710123060
11.Gates in the New Jerusalem (each with its own angel)56710123060
12.Sparrows sold for two pennies56710123060
13.Rehoboam’s concubines56710123060
14.Wings on the four living creatures (Revelation 4)56710123060
15.Sons of Ja'ir the Gileadite (a Judge) - also the number of donkeys and cities he ruled56710123060
16.Steps that the sun retreated to show that God's word to Hezekiah was true56710123060
17.David's mighty men56710123060
18.Stone water jars at the wedding at Cana56710123060
19.Baskets full of leftovers from the feeding of the 400056710123060
20.Baskets full of leftovers from the feeding of the 500056710123060